DracoFx Welcome Package.


First Deposit Bonus up to 100%.

On your value of the first deposit get bonus up to 100%. The Trading Bonus you receive will be directly credited to your Equity and you will be able to use it to boost your Trading Skills immediately.

First Deposit Bonus Maximum up to $5000

* Contact Your Account Manager or Support to Request Your Promotion Code.

5 Protected Positions

The First 5 Trades you open with us will be under an Insurance of Loss free. Trade with Confident. If you make a Profit, it’s all yours. If you make a Loss, we will pay you back.

DracoFx Prepaid Card

A special service for DracoFx customers! DracoFx VISA/Master is a Prepaid card that can be used anywhere around the globe.

As a client of DracoFx, the card grants you additional benefits:

  • Secured and private transactions
  • Cash prizes and gifts from DracoFx loaded directly to your card
  • Fast withdrawal from your trading account
  • Instant approval and no credit checks
  • Access your funds anywhere and anytime
  • Ability to withdraw cash from any ATM around the world
  • Ability to pay for products and services online and offline

Refer a Friend

Draco Fx highly values and rewards its client’s loyalty and continued business. We have therefore launched a referral program in order to show our appreciation to our clients and reward them for any additional business that they introduce to us. After you refer a friend to us, simply notify us via email about the referral and after verification your account will be credited with the Refer a friend bonus.

Maximum Refer a Friend Bonus up to $1000

To claim your bonus simply email us at and include the following information:

  1. Your trading account number and your email address associated to your account
  2. Your referral’s account number and the email address associated to the account

Social Network Trading

Follow the Best Traders Globally and Trade as the Pro’s do.

Social Trading Advantage:

  • A Group is more knowledgeable than an Individual
  • Exposure to diverse areas.
  • Copying Strategies.
  • Benefits both the Followers and the Pro Traders.

Advanced Education Program

Without the right education the probability of making trading mistakes becomes great which may result in losses and disappoint novice traders. Our education center includes extensive database of exclusive, easy to comprehend learning materials, e-books and quick guides that will help to study the important aspects of financial markets and develop efficient trading strategies.

Education provided on:

  • Market Analyzing Knowledge
  • Platform Training
  • Fundamental and Technical Training
One to One Training will be given through remote control desk (Team viewer / Anydesk) if customer is convenient.